My work has connecting themes of
maximizing technology, resisting domination, honoring stories, and community impact.

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Technology, Archives, Design

I build complex systems for organizations and data collections. I create print materials. I write about technology, open-source software, and share how-to resources.



Data & Tech manager at a civic engagement nonprofit // Former worker-owner of a cooperative technology shop.


Portfolio, Blog, CV

ICT, Data Viz, Print, web, textile design. Writing about technology.

Archive Project

The Fist is Still Raised

A digital humanities archive project documenting 100 years of raised fists in political art.

Art, Curation, Performance

I create live art solo and in community.

Solo Work

Damien Luxe

Axon D'Luxe

My stage personas have created solo projects and tours since 2003.

Community Art

Heels on Wheels

Heels on Wheels is a performance art tour started in 2010 which tours the US and Canada with an all-femme diy art.


Video Art

Pompadour PSAs. Mermaids in high heels. Live performance art.

Teaching, Workshops, Lectures

Leading and empowering through education.


Ride Free Fearless Money

Classes and a blog that talk about money. Femme punk hacker of financial real talk.

Progressive Technology

Archives, Civic Tech, Open Source Software, Systems

Panels, Lectures and writing about technology.

Femme & LGBTQ Arts

Femme and Revolution

Is it so wrong I want to see the world run by tough, smart, fierce femmes?

Writing, Blogging, Editing

Collective and solo projects.

Science Fiction


A scifi novella about peak oil and transformative justice.


Glitter and Grit: The Heels on Wheels Roadshow story

Winner of a Lambda Literary Award; 60+ authors, documenting one DIY community arts group 2010-2015.

Creative Non-Ficton

Survival skills, photographs, advice.

I've been writing.